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vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv UPDATES vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
4/28/24 - separated cecil's character gallery into multiple pages for better loading, journal
3/12/24 - what
3/10/24 - reworked images
1/20/24 - updates to current sketchbook
1/14/24 - a strange Portal has appeared on the character profile index...?
1/2/24 - journal
12/22/23 - updates to the sketchbook library
12/2/23 - two new singlepage comics, the physical gallery page, new fanart, more together images, a few images added to cecil's gallery
10/25/23 - more stamps on homepage, new fanart, separated the together images into their own page, added more bug pics
10/23/23 - added the sketchbook library and images from my current sketchbook
9/17/23 - new fanart, images in character galleries + together images, two new singlepage comics, journal entries
6/28/23 - added the bugs page
6/27/23 - animated page 2, assorted on character profiles, summertime, new fanart
6/8/23 - two new singlepage comics
6/5/23 - added an index for the journal
6/1/23 - added the fanart page, various images to character profiles
6/1/23 - site layout overhaul! my wrist is cramping...
4/26/23 - various images on character profile(s)
4/17/23 - new animation, nothing
4/5/23 - added valentine's character gallery

~~~~~~~~website is under constant construction!!

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