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got a new laptop for christmas. windows 11 is awful but the hardware is a whoooole lot better. an upgrade was pretty sorely needed considering my old pc was coughing and wheezing and overheating just trying to use firefox. maybe i'll actually use this thing regularly and not just to code. i also got a wireless mouse and a cool blanket and a mob psycho cup. preddy nice. weighted blankets kind of scare me though. i worry about the beads getting out.

12/25/23 5:05PM
EDIT: 5:08PM oh this is tragic, marquees arent working anymore on this thing..... why oh why.... where has the whimsy gone
my tooth's pretty much fully healed now which means i have a brief moment of Horror when i remember i'm going to have to go through that entire healing process Again. not yet, though. not before my birthday. it would appear i'm allergic to shellfish. it's not a big deal right now, it just makes my stomach hurt. but i imagine in the future it could become dangerous and my favorite food in the world is calamari so i'm hoping to have some on my birthday. you know, enjoy it while i still can. and i can't exactly do that if i'm healing from another extraction. but it works out since my birthday's not too far away anyways (january 9th) so i should be able to Get It Over With fairly soon. i'm not exactly excited to have to do it again but i can't pretend i'm not looking forward to finally being done with all the tooth business. the pain, the worry, the guilt because goood damn is it expensive. i mean it's not like it's going to be my last procedure Ever there are still a Few loose ends but i think i can get away with waiting a while longer on the wisdom teeth. unless i can't in which case god fucking damn it.

but anyways, moving away from that shit. i've been doing alright lately. winter is my favorite season so i couldn't be happier about the weather. Cold! Finally..... i wonder if there's going to be another blizzard this year. i don't have enough time to make my family christmas presents but i hope they won't mind too much since i decided this year that i'd specially handmake all of them a birthday present tailored to their interests. only got one left to make and it's for my dad. i was sort of stuck on godzilla for a while since he's super into it but I Can't Fucking Draw Godzilla. and since he works with electricity he can't really wear jewelry even if he wanted to so i can't make him a necklace like i did for everyone else. not that i think he'd be much interested in wearing a necklace anyways, just not that kind of guy. i came up with a different idea though and i think he'll really like it.

i went and replayed psychonauts 1 & 2 recently. i forgot how fucking awful meat circus was. i didn't bother beating it before moving on to 2 lol. i did it once so i don't have to do it again... playstation plus ran out so i gotta buy myself inscryption on switch. it's no problem, if any game deserves the money it would be inscryption. it's on sale right now anyways. lucky for me since this is the time of year i'm usually able to acquire Some amount of money. doubt that'll last long though. going to have to go for a first job next year. how terrifying! i genuinely don't think i could possibly be any more worried about it. it's fine. i'll figure something out. hopefully. or, you know. i'll fail miserably. anticipating the latter. i guess everyone has to do this eventually, though. all things considered i got away with unemployment longer than a lot of people. gonna turn 20 and then have to face the horrors of the workforce. gah. i just hope things turn out Not completely horrible. is that too much to ask? i mean, people who are a whole lot more qualified than me get turned down from really shitty jobs All the time, so what can i really hope for. auuuuugh. sorry, that got depressing. it kind of feels like the calm before the storm right now if i'm being honest. well, my wrist is cramping and i've been sitting hunched over my laptop for a few hours now so i should probably turn this thing off and go eat something now.

12/22/23 2:37AM

i played and beat inscryption for the first time and thought "wow that was really good" and that was it, but then a few nights later i had an odd dream which made me want to replay it really badly. i want to try and platinum it (playing on ps5) but i haven't even beat kaycee's mod yet. p03 is my favorite, predictably.

10/16/23 5:51PM

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robot guy

9/17/23 1:40AM
past couple months been kind of shit. really bad. was in the worst depression of my life possibly back in. june? july? i think it was july. being honest i don't really like thinking about it since i came pretty close to becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy back there. it wasnt fun but i'm better now! mentally, not physically. i've got a whole shitload of dental work i gotta get done! wheeee! also trying not to think too hard about that because i'll dig myself into a weird anxious hole, but it's hard not to. its FINE im gonna be FINE. in less heavy, personal news, i rewatched adventure time again for the first time in like 5 years so that's nice. i have my copy of we love katamari reroll WOW i was so single-minded about katamari in may. autism will do that to ya i guess. i inherited the old family desktop computer with the caviat i am not allowed to connect it to the internet since that's the whole reason it isn't being used as the family PC anymore, my parents think it's too old to be online now. it's only from 2014 but i guess i will not look a gift horse in the mouth. thing has like 900 fucking gigabytes of internal storage ???? for what purpose i am unsure but it's good for me. i watched fullmetal alchemist brotherhood finally. don't know why i'll drop everything to watch some weird shit like bludgeoning angel dokuro-chan in a heartbeat but it takes me forever to get around to the classics. or whatever you'd call them. i hesitate to say "popular anime" because in all honestly i dont fucking like most of the really popular anime lol. now that i've got that desktop and by extension a CD player that actually has a headphone jack i should really start going through moms old CD collection but i still haven't got around to it. ok i am done now forgive me for rambling on i haven't done one of these in 4 entire months. and i probably will not update again for a while. dental work! wheeeeeeeee~

9/17/23 12:50AM
jesus christ why is text size so monumentally fucked up on mobile. i'm not even gonna try man i know i'd just be ripping my hair out for like 2 hours. 321 fuck it

6/8/2023 3:17PM
my copy of we love katamari reroll keeps getting delayed just kill me already

6/8/2023 3:14PM
i've figured out how to change the size of a table. took me like 2 years but i did it. page one still looks shit due to this discrepancy, but to be honest i don't really feel like going back and altering it. let it remain as a testament to doing things more complicated than they need to be. in other news my copy of we love katamari reroll should be here soon which is exciting. what's less exciting is that the DLC for adding music from the other games appears to cost 20 entire U.S. dollars for some reason. this is what i get for katamari forever being my favorite soundtrack in the series lol

6/5/2023 12:08AM
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