he's not a vampire, just a bat person


(goes by his last name)

AGE: 328 (approximately)
ABILITIES: extended lifespan, limited flight (easily tired)
LIKES: sweets, horror movies good and not-so-good, novelty garbage (generally),
the weird feeling while using an elevator
DISLIKES: the sensation of lotion on skin, cold foods, loud music,
shooters (video game type)

a would-be ordinary guy who has been subject to mutation leading him
to live a lot longer than expected. he's not complaining, though. not out loud.
despite having grown wings he doesn't often fly due to having low stamina
(and a mild fear of heights), however he wants to get better at it.
he doesn't remember a lot from his days as a regular human owing
likely to the fact that it's been a very very long time. this is something
that greatly bothers him, i don't think anyone really wants to forget
their family's names and faces. he's trying to move forward, though.
since there's not really anything he can do about it.
in the present he can be described as a "pretty chill dude" who lives
close to the entrances of the house and will help out in navigating
if you end up inside against your will (given that you aren't rude to him).
he can speak a few different languages but not particularly well.
the type of person who has a lot of people to talk to but a habit
of keeping them at arm's length. or wing's length, i guess.

you may notice inconsistency in the appearance of his wings in images.
this is because i'm bad at drawing them ;^^