4:56 PM - 4/26/23

animal crossing guy

6:53 PM - 4/17/23

went to the used bookstore yesterday and acquired di gi charat not knowing anything about it
to be honest it kind of sucks but the art is fun and they were like 6 bucks each so whatever.
i wish i had bought tokyo mew mew even if someone had scribbled on the back in sharpie
for whatever reason. excited for the owl house finale :3c

2:59 PM - 4/8/23

going to the used bookstore soon hopefully. the manga section.... it calls me...
it's a shame the DVDs are never really marked down even when the books & cds are reasonably priced.
i suppose i could just write down the names of whatever obscure nonsense i come across and
look it up on the interwebs but it's less magical that way... mysterious secondhand DVD...
well i guess they could be scratched up anyways

10:10 PM - 4/5/23

hell fucking yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

1:32 PM - 4/3/23

what's with all the hail lately. no other year of my life has there been this
much hail this often. weird xddd

3:41 PM - 4/2/23

i'm conflicted. hosting all my images on tumblr is probably a bad idea
but i feel like an actual image host site isn't that much better in the long run
woes of a man too broke to give neocities my money 4 more storage.
as if that's even a problem right now.
i think i have a problem with thinking so hard about the future
and it's potential problems that i ignore the present LOL

4:37 PM - 4/1/23

got the dividers done! ft microsoft paint and a custom font i made like 4 years ago
anyways i'll continue working on the site some other time. splatfest soon...
happy trans day of visibility btw

5:13 PM - 3/31/23

i've elected to put together the journal page first
because it doesn't have as many images involved
i do still have to make a divider so all the tables are of equal size
which is somewhat of a pain but i'll do it lol oh god i forgot about line breaks for a second
my text will extend into eternity

4:49 PM - 3/31/23