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book that scared me as a child

more maybe added in future

welcome to my twisted mind... or something


general information

this website isn't really anything huge
(in case that wasn't obvious from. looking at it.)
but i hope it is enjoyable all the same.

this is a place for me to store and share
information about my characters and my artwork.
i'm not the greatest at HTML but even with my
limited knowledge, the customization available
is more fun than a standard social media page.
..and probably easier to navigate.


question and answer

i would title this section something like
"frequently asked questions"/FAQ
however that would be disingenuous i feel,
since nobody's actually asked any questions yet. :3c
but i am putting these hypothetical ones here
so that there is already an answer if anyone wants one.

what art program do you use?
ibispaint x, mostly. if you would like to know
what brush i used for any piece in particular,
all you have to do is ask.

what program do you animate in?
i just use ibispaint and ezgif :3c

can i use your art as a profile picture?
i don't mind as long as i am credited.

can i draw your characters?
yes! just credit me and we are golden :3

...those are all the ones i can think of.
if you would like to know about something else,
you can ask me about it!


about the artist

i do not like putting my real name on the internet
so you can call me "insect" or some such alias.
doesn't matter really.
i grew up in the southern united states.
my favorite food is calamari.
my favorite anime are death note, haibane renmei,
and mob psycho 100 (among many others).
i also really like bugs but i feel like this is obvious.
please be nice ok?
whoa what's this tiny text doing here... kind of wierd...............